Work days!-Shots from a group effort last year.

There are so many projects going on downtown Hillsboro this year! Although these photos are from before the pandemic, I thought it would be a great reminder of all the stuff getting done and all the positive energy we’ve got in this special place.

This was a work day on the old Greasies building. Here Kyle, Derek, and Otto are jammin’ hard on Tony Dragoo’s building. After carefully tearing down the crumbling facade we all jumped in to clean up the mess. The top section got rebuilt and ready for a new glass face to go in at a later date.

Tony brickin’.

No big deal, Craig has a backhoe.

Always more than a little proud when one of our kids shows us they know how to work and how much fun it can be to work with friends.

Tony and Kari Dragoo took this puppy on and are in the middle of a long haul of bringing it back to life.

Micah, Tony, and Brian (me) looking like we’re in some band together…

Fill er up! Take a drive or a walk around town, and it’s easy to see we’ve got a lot of different work days and projects going on!

The old bookstore is getting renovated by Kyle and Maggie Anderson for the Coop to move in early next year. (a shared workspace.)

Derek and his family are stripping back the old Jorn’s Signs building to get a new business in there.

The building next to the theatre is being worked on by volunteers from the new Imagine Hillsboro theatre group. Check them out here for work days and photos!

The new purse store slated to open this year is totally gutted. (by the Courthouse)

The building next to that is being renovated. (I’m not sure it’s announced what’s going in yet..)

The Red Rooster is really coming along!

I’m sure I’m forgetting or don’t know of a few more… Feel free to comment if you’ve got a downtown project. (just keep comments positive, that’s how I like to roll here.)

Have a good morning everybody. Don’t get scared to get dirty!

-Small Town Cool-


2 thoughts on “Work days!-Shots from a group effort last year.

  1. The old Bob’s building(next to the purse store) will be 3 Fern Hill, a bakery owned by Jaimie Ross. It is set to open in February!!


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