Introducing our Blogette in crime, Brianna!

How I got here…

Our apartment in Belleville
Our apartment in Belleville

We used to live in a pretty large town, Belleville, IL. While we lived in a small apartment we had two children, a girl and a boy, and it seemed that we found ourselves driving to Hillsboro, IL at least twice a month to visit friends and grandma & grandpa. So, we never felt like we could call Belleville home. Although, there are a few things I miss there- an auction and the downtown. (One sorta like I hope for in the future for Hillsboro) In 2012, we moved to Hillsboro. It was farther for my husband to drive for work, but we knew it was where we were meant to be. To raise our family here and be a part of the community. My husband grew up in Hillsboro so he has a strong connection to the town, but I didn’t. My mom actually used to ask me all the time before we got married, “Do you want to live in Hillsboro?”.  I never knew how to answer her. “Did I?” and now I would definitely have to say “YES!”

Our street
Our street

Since we have moved we have added another baby girl to our family, remodeled our kitchen, started homeschooling and we couldn’t be happier!

peas from our garden this year
peas from our garden this year

We love this small town and the things happening here! We can’t wait to see Hillsboro grow.  I hope as we share the things we love about Hillsboro and surrounding areas that you too can find happiness and fulfillment where you live.

-Brianna R.

Hillsboro is mysmalltowncool.


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