Dios está en los detalles – a walk through the Hillsboro Post office

Hillsboro-USPS This week I’ve been thinking about the saying “God is in the details”  There are so many things that builders, and designers used to do that have since been cut out of most buildings to save on cost, but its true, part of what we love about old buildings is the craftsmanship and passion that was put into them and it’s all in the details. amazing_post_office Today as I was walking to the post office (another perk of small-town living!) I stopped to look around and noticed a few pretty incredible little things about this old gem of a place here in downtown Hillsboro. amazing_door_art_deco art_deco post_boxes People still use these things! I guess people who live outside of town or want to have a post box can have their own little spot. I bet it feels good to have one of the keys that opens a tiny door in this cool room. I thing I need one. eagle_door Look at that freakin Eagle!  That is serious. IMG_0494 art_deco_vents IMG_0486 IMG_0478 “a modern boy travels a hundred miles with less sense of liberation and pilgrimage and adventure than his grandfather got from traveling ten.”  – C.S Lewis Lets not lose our sense of wonder. –  small town cool


One thought on “Dios está en los detalles – a walk through the Hillsboro Post office

  1. Thanks for sharing these photos. My grandfather Byron Shepherd was a letter carrier for the Hillsboro post office. He died when my dad was 16 and I never got to meet him. Found your blog while searching for info on the Hillsboro post office. I’d LOVE to find some old pics of him on his route – or his old carrier’s badge… or a Hillsboro Mail bag. This post wasp much fun to look through!


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