A good, fall day- The Black stallion, Old man tools and Eminem..

“I’m sorry mama, I didn’t mean to hurt you, I didn’t mean to make you cry but tonight, I’m cleaning out my closet.”

I don’t think Eminem was talking about cleaning the house and throwing things away, but for some reason I always get that song in my head while I’m cleaning.   So catchy..

the remaining one of two Ted Nugent stickers that we're on my vehicle when I got it!
the remaining one of two Ted Nugent stickers that we’re on my vehicle when I got it!

Today was a day of getting things done, a good fall day.  I registered my new work truck (four trips to the nice ladies at the DMV.) I put up for sale, a big mountain of aromatic cedar on the very helpful local facebook website Hillsboro buy-sale-trade. I pulled out the two remaining tables from the Hillsboro Harvest market. (they are for sale here…)


I ran errands, cleaned, and payed bills, all the trimmings of a very exciting day.  As I was doing that, I lost myself a little in the best kind of fall cleaning/ reminiscing  kind of way… Cleaning my shop I found these. (they are price cards I made for the Harvest Market. I can’t get my self to throw them away.)


A while back I started cutting out pages from vintage books from salvation army and saving them for making cards, and stuff like this..
This one is my favorite. Don’t know what’s happening here but is seems adventurous..


I remember watching “The Black Stallion” as a kid. There was this scene where Alec’s uncle opens up a briefcase filled with his gambling winnings.  It was filled with pocket knives, trinkets, and a ivory carved horse.  I remember having dreams about having hundreds of pocket knives as a kid and waking up wishing it was true…

my “old man tools” collection.

Another thing that struck me as a kid was seeing my grandpa Houghton Cranford Smith’s workshop for building model ships. The tools were so extremely small, interesting, and organized it blew my six year old mind.

A ship my grand father built in 1950. The painting on top is by my great grandfather Houghton Cranford Smith senior.



My grandpa loves details. He researched this ships history and found out that the ships doctor was an alcoholic and had a pegleg. (that’s him with the three point hat)

It was a good fall day… I hope you are having some similar flash-backs, and spontaneous picturebook looking at sessions, while we are all trying to get everything done that needs to get finished in this crazy, beautiful fall season.

Hope you are all doing well!

P.S.- Thanks to Kendra W. for the tip to addThe Lake House (Vandalia)– to our “Things to do Section”!   Keep the reccomendations coming


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