A Historic before and after- restoring a piece of furniture from Hillsboro’s past

Not many times do you get to see pictures of a particular piece of furniture photographed over a span of a hundred years. I don’t normally do furniture restoration, but this particular piece was so cool and interesting I had to take it on.

photo via-The Historical Society of Montgomery County Illinois.


About a month ago local history buff and neon sign maker Jeff Dunn donated the cabinet in the background to the “Brian Lee and his Crazy Hobbies Foundation” (BL&CH). You might notice that it is now a row shorter due to water damage.


Here it is rather sadly sitting in my shop waiting in line for help.


And here it is on it’s way out the door to be on loan for use and display in the soon-to open Herbalist shop here in Hillsboro, Sage on Sage. (Sage means expert, the second use of the word is for the herb, sage -i.e. Expert on sage)   Another small link from Hillsboro’s past to it’s bright future-   Small Town Cool


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