Heavy Metal College- Greenville College Religion dept industrial renovation

IMG_0815 I recently got a call for one of those projects that I was so exited about I could hardly believe I was getting asked to do it. Christina Smerick (head of the religion dept. at Greenville College) called me asking for a custom metal legged, industrial style table to fit in with the newly renovated Greenville College Religion Dept. Building. IMG_0830 Within minutes of getting her call (well, text, but calling sounds better, we’ll say call.) I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I had been invited to visit the project earlier in the year by my other friend/artist/professor Rick Mckpeak. The College had been given an old doctors office and was in the process of gutting it, stripping it down to the bones and keeping things as rough and industrial as possible. IMG_0827 Even just seeing the gutted space, it was very exciting.  As it turns out they accomplished it very well, sand blasting the exposed rafters, adding skylights keeping the concrete floor and adding powered retractable doors to open the space for flexible uses. IMG_0838 One of the two large doors on its way up as we watch. IMG_0844 The door all the way up. unnamed Anyways, back on track. When I got the call, I immediately thought of the table that my close friend Aarron Ruppert had built for his family, welding a heavy steel base to hold up a glass basketball backboard that he had been saving for a long time for that purpose.  Aaron is a gifted dude and always game for a challenge and a few days later he was welding the base. I added a solid wood, bisquit jointed top, added a bunch of coats of finish and now I know what I want to build for our kitchen too someday! IMG_0846 A well lighted classroom. IMG_0831 The professors moved their offices out of the basement of the school library and now have lots of light and space to put their own personal touch to their spaces.  Christinas was pretty sweet. IMG_0833 IMG_0836 Oh the symbolism of chalkboard on doors goes deep… IMG_0834 I was pretty exited to see a picture of the Prague Castle on her shelves. I lived in Prague for a year and it was very affecting. IMG_0825 Paulo (a Brazilian student that helped us move the table)  and Isaac talk living in South America as we get ready to leave. Thanks Aaron for letting me add to your table design and doing a great job!   Thanks Christina, Rick, Ben, and all you guys for pushing to do something special in your space and letting me be a part. It warms my heart. Its pretty frrreakin -small town cool.


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