A Day in The Life- following an uptown Hillsboro carpenter- Brian Lee

I like good ideas, especially when someone follows through and makes them happen! The Journal-News put on a special called “a day in the life-Montgomery County”.  Since I missed it I decided to do one for Small Town Cool!  (the Journal asked readers to take photos in Montgomery County on May 2nd)  Anyways, here’s mine for today, Wed, May 20th!IMG_0939

First things first! Coffee and breakfast with my family!


Next, mow the lawn and burn some scrap wood. (before the rain comes!)


Picking lettuce! (it is very easy to grow!)


Alright, time for some real work. It’s amazing how much time as a carpenter you spend sweeping and cleaning!


Working on a new project of mine renovating a neglected building into a few apartments and a cool storefront. (more to come on that at a later date.)


Working on salvaging and modifying a few light fixtures found in the building and a cleaned up Benjamin light found at Roadside Antiques (in between Hillsboro and Greenville)


The middle light with the brass base was still installed and was filled to the brim with water from the roof leaking!


Doing some tests in my shop with some oak and walnut for possible flooring options…


After lunch I ran over to look at a job for local LItchfield Pickers market founder Mark Brazel… Back to the shop to crunch some numbers…  If you have not been to the Pickers Market yet it’s on the second Sunday of every month.  It’s a super cool “pickers” market, basically a bunch of vendors selling their best finds.  Actually, off subject even more. Here’s what I’ve bought there at the last two..


Probably my favorite score… Space age lamp.

IMG_1075 IMG_1077 IMG_1080 IMG_1082

Ok… back to today-


Yesssss! My thirty six cans of gold spray paint came in today!!!!


Can dumpin on my new building’s tin ceiling.


Dinnertime and clapping for our little guy when he eats his vegetables!

Whoops, I missed it this year but next year I’ll be ready!


“One Day in The Life” info Via- Avery Bourne


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