LOCAL GEMS- Lets get planting with FRY’s FARM- feature by Brianna Ruppert

Spring is here and it’s finally getting warm! Hooray! It’s time for mowing, tilling and planting the garden.


This is one of my favorite times of year, everything is new and we are all ready for a little relief from the winter cold.

IMG_9644 (1)

The birds wake us with their singing in the morning and the frogs or crickets put us to bed at night. The days are getting longer and we can all look forward to those home grown vegetables (especially tomatoes).

IMG_0858 (1)

If you didn’t start your own seedlings indoors a few months ago and are looking to still have those homegrown beauties in your backyard and on your table-

One great place in the area to find plants for your vegetable and flower garden is Frys Country flowers and vegetables…



Nancy and Ron Fry started their greenhouse business 3 years ago in Hillsboro. Nancy grew up with her parents having a greenhouse and mini farm and has always wanted one of her own. Also, she wanted to be able to pass on the knowledge and skills to her children. Nancy and Ron have lived in Hillsboro for 30 years and have 9 children.



Some of the items they sell include; Vegetable and Flowering Plants, hanging baskets, brown chicken eggs ($1per dozen!), dirt, straw, pumpkins and gourds.


Lets support this Local Family!  If you don’t know them by their sign between Hillsboro and Litchfield, you probably know their mailbox (like my kids 🙂 )
They are open 7 days a week from 8am to 7pm.
From April 1st – November 1st.
You can find them at
7194 IL Route 16 Hillsboro, IL 62049
or on Facebook here- Fry Country Flowers.
– feature by -Brianna Ruppert!-

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