Creativity, the Dollar and the Dime – a well thought out uptown Hillsboro apt. renovation


Character…  It’s the calling card of the small town. Sometimes when someone is trying to make a living in a small town it’s hard to give character a chance when it always seems to add to the cost of a renovation. Isaac and Bailey Reynolds are cutting costs while simultaneously adding character in this successful renovation of a rental property they finished early this year.


The Reynolds reconfigured and painted the cabinets making the shelf from a found piece of wood. They sourced cabinet pulls online and had a designer faucet shipped from Japan (ironically saving money!) Another cost saver was stripping the walls to the brick, eliminating drywall materials, as well as running the power through leftover conduit and electrical boxes.


Owls are a staple for any good person…


The three inch thick concrete countertops are a hefty, durable, and indestructable feature.


See you next time friendos. Grab a shovel and lets dig in! – Smalltowncool


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