50 year before and after! -the Tattered Threads renovation in Hillsboro


This is the 1966 Hillsboro, IL Old Settlers, almost exactly 50 years ago! (take a look at the far right storefront of the old Bremer building) -photo from the Hillsboro Historical society


Here it is about fifty years (minus a month) later. We’re starting the big job of tearing off all the nasty old tin face, and giving some fresh life to this old gal. Thanks to a facade grant from the Historic Society, and Tattered Threads, my father in law Stan Huber and I were able take this project up a few notches.


I noticed some unusual metal framing inside the awnings and decide to expose them, opening up the space above the door way. (notice the flowers in the structural beam that were covered)


We were also able to expose a window that was covered up leading to the apartments above. Soooo Exciting! I love finding original stuff.


Cutting the arched beams for the awning at my shop.




come on plywood… Beeeeend, but don’t break.



Very, nearly done.  in six months or so this beauty should be looking a little less shiny and a little more sure of herself.


I do love a good before and after… Copper is the new pink?

Photos by Brian Lee and the effervescent JRANDLEPHOTO (you know, reading Fancy Nancy to your kids can make you seem kinda smart and stuff.)






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