Capturing the moment- photos by-Bailey Reynolds

photo 1-3

In her photo series Bailey Reynolds captures moments in her and her husband Isaac’s busy life. Bailey comes from the local Eisentraut Theatres family, a family living vibrantly and contributively to our town. Her photos have a very still, appreciative quality.

One of my favorites is of dust settling around a few ladders covered in coffee cups.  Taken while working on an apartment with her husband in their downtown building purchased last year.

photo 3

photo 1

Bailey with corn grown locally by Mark Hughes (for pop corn) to support her family’s theatre.

photo 1

Butterfly at the cemetery.

photo 2

Turtle at the Bremer sanctuary.

photo 4

photo 2

Besides being a great photo (we all love food photos, don’t we!), this shows how the biggest part of living in a small town is what you put into it. Fresh home made  bread and cheese… can you smell it?  What we put into our life is what we get out and the satisfaction of hard work is the reward of seeing it finished.

photo 2 copy

Baileys husband Isaac is a visual artist- Piss Unincorporated

photo 3 copy

photo 2-3

Art and Die Antword concert poster.

photo 2-2

Hopefully this inspires you to make do, write, sing, build, try something, anything of your own. It’s funny, the fear of failure keeping us from progress keeps coming up in things I’ve been reading lately. In order to be creative you need to practice it like a hand practices the violin (I should know how rough learning the violin sounds, my mom taught it!) Thomas Edison failed thousands of times to achieve the great things that he created. We need to learn from that and jump-

-Small Town Cool


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