LOCAL GEMS -breakfast at 2 Marthas -Greenville IL

How can we live in a small town with the same level of culture and creativity as anywhere else?  Passion.   These two women have it!  Every Friday and Saturday morning they open up a renovated house on a residential street in Greenville, IL and serve up home made bread, pastries, pie, soup, sandwiches, as well as selling local art, handmade items, and all kinds of other stuff. I can’t imagine what time these women wake up in the morning… There was a strong sense that they can’t wait for you to enjoy your meal.IMG_1250TwoMarthasIMG_1254IMG_1247

The house is playfully renovated and filled with colorful furnishings and place settings. These girls love attention to detail. They serve coffee from Sump, (probably the most intimidating coffee place I had ever been) and use the very progressive soft brew system that apparently caused the owner of Sump to buy one for himself!


I decided to go for two things I considered “risky”- the vegetarian sandwich and carrot ginger soup. They ended up being my favorites of what we tried!  I’m pretty sure almost everyone in our group prefaced taking a bite of the soup with “I don’t really like carrots”, and then “Holy cow, that is good!” The soup was very bisque like, had a mellow taste and a perfect texture. I will get it again next time!


The vegetarian sandwich was another really nice surprise with fresh mozzarella, tons of hummus, and marinated tomatoes and onions on a home made Ciabatta roll.


The gift shop has locally made clothes, jewelry, pottery, wood work, and my favorite, these crazy crossbreed animal post cards.


These are the kinds of places that make living in a small town so colorful and special.  Check it out. I would recomend checking their website for updated hours, specials, etc.

Open for lunch Fri 11-2 and Sat. 9-2 and by appointment.

422 W Harris Ave
Greenville, Illinois
(618) 664-9443

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