Collecting geekiness- Record albums and talking about what you love – B.Lee

Pt1.- an epilogue to passionate conversation-

Be brave! Be strong! and talk about what you are REALLY interested in!  I’ve had so many experiences like I did this afternoon.  It was me and a few dudes just working and talking until someone asked probingly “Are you into Isaac Asimov?” The countenance of the dudes changed into excited, questioning, pacing, and letting slip a little but of how deeply passionate they were about the obscure commonality they had found.


Living in a small town people tend to keep their more “eccentric” passions on the down low. I’d like to push for us to start to share instead of hide.  It’s a really good way to get to know someone you may see all the time but don’t know much about and can help us become more rounded, more interesting people!

So I’ll go first…

Pt2- a peek into the obsessive, exciting, expensive, and soulful, adventure of record collecting-
A few years back under heavy prodding from my brother I finally dove into the world of record collecting. I’ve always loved music but for some reason record collecting is an entirely different type of thing. It can lead to all kinds of crazy places, obsessive hoarders, men living in shrines to records, crazy prices and lots and lots of grey pony tails.


The eyes- Scene but not heard. I found this album while looking for a new band name with my buddies…

Here’s a few of my prized pieces found in peoples basements, at record shows, in warehouses filled with vinyl, bought in parking lots, and shipped from Belgium, France, Italy, Texas, and found around here..

IMG_2084 IMG_2073

The Orlons-Don’t hang up.   The Shadows Of Knight- Potato chip- a cardboard picture disc that probably came with a magazine or with a box of cereal..

IMG_2106 IMG_2107

The Seeds- Self titled-I bought this in Benld during a visit where he let me look at his records “that weren’t for sale”

J.K. & Co.-Suddenly one summer- A very rare Psych record recorded by an 18 year old.  Me and and friend were in Benld digging to the very back of a guys shed and my hands grabbed this one as my friend Matt Sands wispered, “Oh my Gosh, you will never see that record again in your life” I’m pretty sure it was a buck..  Worth $80…

IMG_2122 IMG_2104


I bought this in a leaking shed behind a trailer outside of Hillsboro..
IMG_2086 IMG_2112


A few scores from the many trips I’ve taken to the St Louis record collectors show..

IMG_2065 IMG_2116

Son House-Death Letter, which I bought online after watching an interview with, ahem, Jack White…


IMG_2079 IMG_2110

Them-Baby Pleas Don’t Go- A super rare Muddy Waters cover by Van Morrison’s early garage-rock band, and one of my most prized records.

Skip James-Today- Hard time killing floor blues was featured on “Oh Brother where art thou”.


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