Made in Hillsboro! -Jeff Dunn, neon signs for moog fest.

10150644_10202223752218744_3748727692907153782_n When I saw this, I about freaked out! Local neon sign maker Jeff Dunn has a shop in Hillsboro that my family and I walk by often because of the pet parrot in the window, little did I know that there was some serious coolness going on inside, one of my favorites being a series of signs he made for the legendary Synthesizer company Moog. 1932318_10201947181184641_205278737_n

When I toured as a musician I had an opportunity to tour the moog plant where they still make state of the art, progressive keyboards, effects, theremins and all kinds of weirdness. This is some deep, cool stuff… look out for an interview with Jeff in the near future- 10171065_10202154279601972_4697442887916384376_n


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