“Sweet” Renovation- A modern makeover of a cramped kitchen-B.Lee Carpentry

Meeting Hillsboro, IL residents Doug and Teri Sweet for the first time, we were fast friends. A retired train engineer and a daycare owner, they are a cool and calm mannered couple who love coffee and good conversation, food, and family. In short, totally awesome.


The Sweet’s brief was simply “open up the cramped kitchen, add a dishwasher and more countertop space”.  The result is a clean, modern update with a bespoke walnut bank of cabinets, light fixtures from Portland Oregon School House Electric, and small pallet of finishes.




Somebody found the secret mushroom spot!


Before and after!


Oak hardwood, subway tile, walnut cabinetry, white walls with white trim, butcher block counter tops.. All my favorite.


Another before shot.  It’s amazing what a change of a floor plan can do!



I love how the vintage table becomes so modern in a white on white setting.


Now we just need to get cooking! So thankful for this wonderful project and for people excited to support local artisans and craftspeople. See you soon friends! -Small Town CoolIMG_0568.jpgIMG_0561.jpg



One thought on ““Sweet” Renovation- A modern makeover of a cramped kitchen-B.Lee Carpentry

  1. Everything about this home is amazing! From the kitchen to the living room it really looks nice. Such an amazing progress this renovation turns out. All of the effort on this modern make over really pays out.


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