Culture Club- the exploding Litchfield Pickers Market -by B.Lee and R.Young


Treasure hunting… It’s been in our bones since pirates, explorers, adventurers, and now, pickers. Auctions, thrift stores, yard sales, random deals… Small towners are crazy for it.  And we are getting good at it too.

Founder Mark Brazel and I in front of his
Founder Mark Brazel and I in front of his “Prairie pickers” trailer

The Litchfield Pickers Market was started by picker Mark Brazel as a small Facebook page in 2012 and is now a monthly event with blocks of high quality stuff and thousands of attendees. Founder Mark Brazel went to the city in March this year with the idea for a pickers market.  The city loved it, and got things moving quickly.  The first market had 58 vendors and a few thousand attendees, the second, 190 vendors and the third maxed out at 218 vendors. Personally, I’ve gone back to each event because of the quality and craziness of the things for sale.  It’s fun, interesting, and a fertile hunting ground for coolness.


It’s not an antiques or craft fair, or a yard sale, or an auction. It’s a pickers market.  Brazel described the guidelines for sellers (which are very strict) as “vintage, antique, collectable, upcycled, repurposed, or industrial.”  Whatever it is, it is definitely packed with freakin cool finds and loads of crazy, weird and just plain good history and culture.






I really enjoy seeing the pickers eye for what they choose to sell…



Vendor Allan Kibble, within seconds of meeting him, was my kind of dude. “I have no cell phone, no computer, and no debt! I just got my social security number. I hardly exist!” (if I was going to make a movie about Allan, I would hire Dennis Hopper to play him. I’m just sayin.)


Ethan. One of Hillsboro’s coolest hot pepper growing bon vivants shopping for deals…


I love the people in this area…



Hobo Jack, made famous by his appearance on the August 16 episode of American Pickers.


Vendor Terri Hall (Cottage Grove, TN) shows a photo of her great-grandma, Faye Wallace, on the closing day of her store in July 1957. Terri’s named her shop, “The Honey Bend Store”, after her grandmother’s (who apparently was in charge of hanging the post bag on the hook for the passing train to snag). COOOOOOL.


This is a great event for kids too- so much to see, music, food, vintage toys, lots of “look at this daddy!”



IMG_8746  IMG_8683    IMG_8701      IMG_8733






This vendor was cool enough to let me take his picture, but took his sunglasses off (they were awesome!) because they were “girls glasses.”


Some architectural detail downtown Litchfield


Ryan , who is a pro graphic designer, couldn’t help but grab this photo of some classic branding.

This kids giving me the stink eye, but man, I got to get a picture of those spot lights!

This kid’s giving me the stink eye, but man, I got to get a picture of those spot lights!

Parking meter lamp? Sure. I'll take it.

Is that a parking meter lamp? Ok, I’ll buy it.


One of the coolest radios I've ever seen...

Coolest radio I’ve ever seen.

who doesn't need a copy of The POGO Stepmother Goose?

Who doesn’t need a copy of The POGO Stepmother Goose?

oil cans are a picker staple If you've ever seen the show...

Oil cans are a big staple for pro pickers.


IMG_8795  IMG_8800

IMG_8802  IMG_8838

Chewbacca and Flip Wilson.


“I love pain!” – The Joker. “Then you’re gonna love me!” -Batman


I was about this close to buying this crazy lamp… “$60 bucks, make me an offer!”


Overheard conversation-“Honey, I found something I want.”


Ooh La La, one of the many downtown shops benefitting from the huge amounts of people coming to the area every 2nd Sunday of the month through October.





The Litchfield Pickers market is on the second Sunday of every month through October. 9am-3pm

Come check it out.  It will make you feel like a pirate again.-small town cool


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