LOCAL GEMS- Kern Family Orchard and memory making factory- feature by Brianna Ruppert

U-pick: A phrase that some might not know, some might not like, and some (like myself) have tons of memories with and love. U-pick usually means if you go out into the field and pick the fruit and that they will sell it to you for a cheaper rate.

Two important things here: 1. You can save money. Sweet!   2. You can make so many memories!

I have been picking strawberries with my grandma every summer since I was 5.
Already my kids love to pick blueberries, strawberries, peaches. Really anything that you will let them pick and eat 🙂 We have contests to see who can fill there bucket first.
We are so lucky to have a u-pick orchard in our area!
11295572_988846497806946_7749785252047726969_n (1)
Kern Family Orchard
The Kern Family moved to Montgomery county in 2005 and started their orchard from scratch in 2006. Sharon and Louis have 4 girls who all do their part to keep this place moving! And let me tell you, they never stop moving with picking asparagus twice a day and keeping up with the strawberries to the occasional cow getting out. This family is always working as a team.
The girls- Jacinta, Lucia, Maria, and Kateri
My favorite thing about Kern’s is how they welcome your whole family to come and pick. “Have as many kids as God wants you to have and bring them out here.” -Sharon Kern
They love for your family to come and have fun and make memories while picking fruit!
11216709_990575520967377_953767049841202157_n22604_990575580967371_3151547146273068281_n (1)
They currently have
Strawberries – now! u-pick 1.50 lb. or $3 a quart (they pick, if you are not into U-picking)
Asparagus – now! $3 a lb.
And some homemade items in their little shop…
Goats Milk Soap
Goats Milk Lotion
Jellies & Jams
11017446_951980151493581_8323087938430608078_o 11050664_951982068160056_2270201638939371271_o
Later in the season
Raspberries and Blueberries – June/July
Red and Blackberries – July
Peaches – July
Apples – August/September (sun crisp are my favorite!)
They also have animals you can come and look at…Goats, Cows, chickens, Turkey, Bees, and Sheep.
Kern Family Orchard is located at
7375 Mackay Ave.
Raymond, IL
On the corner of Mackay and 127. Just about 4 miles outside of Butler.
You can like them on Facebook and keep up to date on what they are picking. They also like for you to let them know when you are coming and they will tell you how good the picking is for that day.
find a U-Pick near you at http://pickyourown.org.


Go get some Berries! Support our local businesses and families because they make OUR small town cool!


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