LOCAL GEMS- Simple and delicious- a burger and a beer at The Red Rooster- B.Lee

(ATTENTION PATRONS: The Rooster’s kitchen is taking a “Baby Break.” With Sarah due any moment and Nikki due right around the corner our kitchen will be closed until further notice…Our bar will remain open Tuesday through Saturday 3pm to Close.)-

posted Jul 30, 2015- Please Check their website here or call them at (217) 532-6332 before going to get the burger! Alright back to the blog…


The Red Rooster reminds me of the quintessential family pub in Ireland.  As you walk into the basement entrance, brick floors, heavy wood paneling, and dim lighting cozily welcome you to sit, relax, and get into conversation.  There is always a row of people at the bar talking, but my place of choice is the side room. Castle style wood walls and a huge fireplace makes you feel like you are in a place where storytelling and laughter are the norm.


The Red Rooster restaurant owner Sarah Pollard, (her parents run the Inn, and she the restaurant) has a great bar food style menu and one of the top revolving craft beer menus for many miles.

The menu features; grilled portabello burger, pulled pork, ribeye, soup and a simple, fresh salad bar, (with onion soup) and some other great things, but I am here to preach to you about one thing… “the all American burger”.  Please. If you are in the mood for a great beer and a truly great hamburger this is where you go. Biting into this burger is exhilarating enough to make you feel like a real life hippy… (or what I imagine that would be like!)



For you beer lovers here’s the list of the day we were there;

Founders- Dirty Bastard, Franboise-Lambic, Mendocino -ipa, Dog Fish Head- barley wine (w figs and dates!), Ipswich- oatmeal stout, Red Chair-north west pale ale, Breckenridge-agave wheat, Saloon door- Saison, Abita-purple haze, Clown Shoes-chocolate sombrero, Stubborn Jack-smoked porter, etc… (usually about 50 craft beers)

on tap;-magic hat-number 9, KSB-blackberry wheat, Sam Adams-lager, and Boulevard-Pale Ale as well as the regular bud-type things

IMG_1187    IMG_1212

I would put the beer and burger as my #1 restaurant meal outside of St. Louis… (we’ll at least until you get to Cleveland & Heath..)

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!- Brian


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