Ugliness forgotten! – a local eyesore becomes an art hotspot (and gets a new history.)

For one night on January 13th, 309 south main in small town Hillsboro, IL, will become a POP-UP haven of creativity.

On a trip to visit family, new-owners Devin and Emilie Moroney took the brave plunge last year ago to purchase this derelict building while still living in Denver, CO.  While leaving an art/food town behind is hard, the new blood in Hillsboro is on a path to create a mini scene of it’s own.


Two doors down from the site of Black Rabbit Coffee Roasters (and soon cafe, shhhhhhh!), the most exciting movie theatre in (at least) a few hundred miles, and a few mom and pop shops that show promise, the future is looking bright.

Before after final.jpg

This old building used to be the town’s most popular shoe store back in the day. Though there haven’t been lines of satisfied customers for a long time, this beauty is being brought to her former glory by yours truly and will have lines again this Friday for the second annual Small Town Cool/ Black Rabbit Coffee Roasters POP-UP art show!


Small Town Cool staffer JRandlephoto (ha ha..)

Local artists will include Josh Randle (Hillsboro), Andrew Staff (Carbondale), Isaac Reynolds (Hillsboro), Ryne Fuller (Coffeen native) , B.J. Parker (Greenville), and Bailey (Eisentraut) Reynolds (Hillsboro).


Greenville realist -B.J. Parker


Character and tiki artist Andrew Staff (Carbondale)


lo brow artist Isaac Reynolds (Hillsboro, IL)


Street and fashion artist Ryne Fuller (from Coffeen, IL)


Replacing the old storefront windows

So for any of you wanting to get a sneak peak of the space “in progress”, to drink coffee, see some Small Town Cool curated art, and talk with Devin and Emilie about their long term plans for the space, come this Friday to downtown Hillsboro, IL.

show opens- 6:00 309 South main street

Or check out the show facebook page here.


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