DREAM THEATRE- The Orpheum gets a throwback-style renovation.

Ever since my family has been around the Hillsboro area, the Eisentraut Theatre has been a big part of the vibrancy of downtown. Day and night people are coming through, enjoying themselves and talking with everybody that’s working the counter. (There’s usually a few off the clock still hanging around too.) It’s been quite a few years that I’ve been hoping the stars would align and I would get to help remake the lobby into something really special… Well, this is my lucky year.


We tore out the old counters and I built two curved 40’s soda-fountain style counters to the sides with a large, rounded, ash topped counter in the center. In the process the original tile got revealed. Scars and all it is beautiful.


The boys were as excited as ever to help me stick together the first bones of the layered candy counter.


Starting the frame for the legs. (It’s flipped over)


Screwing in the other side.


Cary and Jeff Eisentraut scraped up the old glue and tore the carpets out.


The theatre also upped the candy game and had already added around thirty new kinds of candy by the time the built ins were finished! I turned into my ten year old self and bought some hot tamales.


Theatre owner Jeff Eisentraut checking out the new station and giving it a polish up.



You can’t buy this kind of character… I love it.


For those of you who missed the post about the x-wing built for the Star Wars premier a few years back check it out here! Also, come down and check out the new setup, get some popcorn, soda, and candy and hang out with us!- CHeck out what’s playing at www.bestmoviedeal.com

As ever, thanks for reading along and keep it cool.

-small town cool




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