From Hell Hole to Hip hangout!- A Hillsboro reno and new life for a building at the end of it’s rope.

IMG_8963A few years ago my wife Kristen and I bought the building next door to us to keep it from caving in and inheriting a pile of rubble. It was an overwhelming project to say the least, but we could see some potential, and we loved the tin ceiling, the brick, and the shape of the old storefront. Also, I had just finished reading “Rich Dad Poor Dad” for the second time, which got me really excited to try to “invest” in something crazy. Anyways, we went for it…

IMG_3000Here’s a terrifying photo of when I first started tearing into and repairing the old, rotted structure.

And here is now! It’s hard to believe that this cantankerous, collapsing, piece of—-  is finally a real live, home with heat, lights, and smells good!


The whole rear of the building’s floor was rotted out, and I decided while it was torn out I might as well rebuild the floor a foot higher and use some of the basement as a bedroom.




We stripped all the plaster, sealed the brick, and replaced and exposed the old headers (which would have been traditionally covered with trim. We bashed out tunnels dug under the old concrete by ground hogs and cut a tree out of the roof and replaced it (the roof, not the tree…). We did all new everything and I can tell you those shows on tv don’t give you any idea how much work it all is!



Thanks so much to everyone who helped over the couple of years it took to get this done; Isaac Reynolds, Shawn Huber, Alex Ruppert, Wayne Dowalder, Wade Fuller, Doug Meyer, Kyle Reindl, and especially Sid Blankenship who steered to project past the finished line! Also welcome to our new Neighbor Micah Dixon! We hope you make many memories here!

-Small Town Cool



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