Six months are gone!…

It’s been so crazy this last 6 months working on this building I’ve only snapped a photo or two of progress and other little projects. Here’s a few of them you may have missed…

Borrowed the city’s new lift today to put up the lights today. Can’t wait to show you guys all the cool custom stuff I’m making for Blackboard Mercantile’s new store! Isn’t Anna’s window mural killer?

Big Green is getting closer to being ready for Blackboard Mercantile to move in! I made this 11 foot check out counter out of four countertops I found in the basement and a bunch of salvaged shiplap. Also I got to bring a bit of my teenage years spent in the Czech Republic to Hillsboro with these sick industrial lights I was able to score online…

Taking the cover off just in time for American Made Day! This summer Jenna and Alex Holtschulte are opening “Blackboard Mercantile” in this newly renovated storefront. If you’ve seen Jenna’s work, you’ll know how good this spot is going to be!

It’s a good day to build a hobbit door… 

Getting serious on the second side of Big Green!

Six years after moving downtown I finally finished our entry closet. Otto had the awesome idea of making holes in the doors so he could hide in the closet and scare people when they come in. I thought it was so funny I had to do it! The left door holes line up with Otto’s eye’s when he’s standing inside the closet and the middle door lines up with Judah’s eye’s… Look out visitors!


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