So for all you people who dream or do take on huge projects this one to me is a major milestone for us.  We are finally putting up the “For Rent” sign in this FULLY RENOVATED beauty of a storefront in our little town of Hillsboro, IL! (I’m yelling as I write this…)

My father in law Stan Huber and I bought this building about five years ago and the dropped ceilings, shredded carpet and tin paneling storefront were such a mess I could hardly imagine them getting the start-over that they so needed.


I posted a few months ago about the renovation of the facade . Stan and I were all but sure that we would never have the money to do something about the 2500 sq ft. of really bad carpet, tired dropped ceilings, and concealed side windows.  I was talking with my coffee roaster/building renovating buddy Isaac Reynolds about how thick and many layers of flooring he had cut through when working on his building and realized we probably had the same wood floor buried deep under the carpet… and so…


While we were working on the floor I stuck my head into a tile in the dropped ceiling and we found tin the original tin and good ducting that could be exposed! No more dropped ceiling!


We decided to put a finish on the old, worked floor without sanding it to retain some of it’s aged glory. I love how this spot at the back of the store shows paint can rings..




If you know anyone who would be a good fit for this storefront have them call Stan Huber at 217-741-0953! The rent is $550 a month plus utilities. This photo warms my heart to see this building all pretty and now having a Sage on Sage next door (they are still doing rare tea week!)


This is going to be a great year for Hillsboro! Can’t wait to show you some of my upcoming projects and a few really crazy ones that friends are working on.  Come out to the Black Rabbit/ Small Town Cool/ Young Eyes show at the shop this Friday!


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