Midnight milling at Tony Marcolini’s woodshop in the old industrial ice plant.

Tony called me up the other night with the kind of words I like to hear ; “I’m going to try something new on my CNC machine tonight. It may not work but it will be fun!”

Tony’s shop is in the old ice plant, an industrial building in Hillsboro. He has breathed life back into it’s beautiful bones removing dropped ceilings, repairing brickwork and putting the old place back into good use.  I love the concrete ceilings, and curved support beams, a design repeated in the downstairs of the building. The 16 foot ceilings don’t hurt either…img_2536


Tony setting up the CNC router to run a free chair design found on opendesk.cc.


The first of the one and a half sheets of plywood it took to make the chair.  Since this was a trial run he cut it out of builder grade plywood but a final version will be higher grade material.


Tony and his wife Jennifer setting up for the fit up of the chair. Together they run Marcolini Inc. Tony’s custom renovation and carpentry business.


After ninety minutes of milling time and, ehem… a bit longer of all of us all head scratching and fitting this thing together, (I’m guessing) the first computer printed chair in Hillsboro’s history rolls of the presses!



This is a guy who has a lot going on an loves to tackle all kinds of projects. The huge industrial lamp is a recent project. He also loves making belt driven fans, and all kinds of other stuff. Not to mention running a prolific business and doing a darn good job of it.



A gift for Recess brewing in Edwardsville.



Another great example of people in our town doing cool and interesting things… Despite it being freezing cold and staying super late, I left this place of creation invigorated and inspired-


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