Stripping away the layers at the Opera House!- Before and after.

Another exciting phase of Hillsboro’s Opera house Brewing Company renovation went off tonight.  The Marcolini’s, and The Schmidts, (co-owners of the brewery) with help with some friends peeled back the old green paneling that covered the old opera house facade.  The nearly finished recessed entrance, is part of a plan to restore the old foyer to it’s original layout, including re-building the old staircase, double height entrance and re-opening the front windows to their original size. Pretty dang cool.


The beautiful carved limestone “Oddfellows Hall” sign had been heavily damaged, but Tony plans to retain or repair it sign to show the history of the building.


“Grind” house?


Jim May makin some sparks…


What can I say, it’s just dang purty.


Jeremy and Jennifer getting the last bit of paint on.


This is going to be a great year for our small town friends! Thanks for sharing the excitement. See you this weekend at the storybook Christmas, and next weekend at the Small Town Cool/ Black Rabbit art pop up!


One thought on “Stripping away the layers at the Opera House!- Before and after.

  1. Love the info and support for our small towns. I wish others would follow suit. Good job. Keep up the great work.


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