This may be a very confusing post if you don’t read it! Ha Ha. -This week I asked a few downtown buddies if they had any plywood scraps to spare, and they did. As I’m using them up, these (see photo) worked out to look like little frames for one of the pop-up shops from one of Hillsboro’s downtown fests. Pretty cool to think about how far we’ve come over the last few years and how this coming year has a lot on deck. So many downtown shops have really found themselves and began to thrive. A bunch more are in the works, and it’s starting to take more than one hand to count all the adventurous people that are wanting to buy a project downtown and get in on the fun.

Anyways, back to scraps… One small way to pitch in is with scraps! You know that half sheet of plywood, bucket of paint, box of screws, or even something cool you can’t throw away but can’t find a use for? Pass it on! There is something really cool about using stuff up that’s just being stored. (Let alone all the arguments about being green and all that…) So whoever it is you know or even don’t yet know that might have a use for it, reach out to them and see if they could use it. By the way thanks Isaac Reynolds and Kyle Anderson for swapping scraps this week.

-Here’s a few people you may know who are working downtown and may be able to use your building materials.

-John & Donna Reynolds (apartment renovation), Isaac and Bailey Reynolds (apartment renovation and coffee shop), the Eisentrauts (new acting and movie theatre reno), Tony and Jenn Marcolini (apartment reno and brewery) , Brian Lee (Me!) (apartment reno and cabinetry), Tony and Cary Dragoo (cafe remodel), Kyle and Maggie Anderson (apartment and art studio reno), John and Kendra Wright (Red Rooster renovation), Shawn and Lisa Huber (church reno and food pantry), the Hambys (apartment and storefront renovations).

Of course there are a lot more Hillsboro people working on houses and running businesses that you may think of, but just use this little nugget to put in your memory how much it can help someone to simply pass something on that they could use up.


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