It’s Alive!-A Werewolf in Hillsboro.

Credits- Produced by Small Town Cool and The Gold Pan,

Music-The Young Eyes, recorded, mixed and mastered at “the chapel”, by Ryan Paul Young

Written and directed by- Brian Lee

Story by Brian Lee, Matt Sand and Eric Adrian Lee

Title and T-shirt design by Eric Adrian Lee

Thanks- Jeff Eisentraut- for the Carmen Ghia. Cari Eisentraut- for the “It’s Alive theatre marquee. Everybody featured. Everybody who shared it. And of course everybody doing the cool places for us to film!

Links (in order of appearance)

The Red Rooster– Sorry about the feathery mess!, Hubbart Wood, Opera House Brewing Company, The Gold Pan Records & Recording, Nzuri Boutique, Blackboard Mercantile, The Refinery vintage goods, Sage on Sage, Black Rabbit coffee roasting,



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