Digging for tin- 1st update on big blue!

The beginning. This is really my favorite part of these old building renovations, the part where the building starts to tell you what to do… So despite the insane cold the last few weeks we’ve got a bit of gutting, cleaning, and searching for architectural details to save.  A very long road ahead but some exciting progress!


My cousin Kyle Reindl and I stripped most of the brick. (well, mostly Kyle… You are a champ!) We tore out a bunch of walls and dropped ceilings, cleaned out a TON of cat litter buckets, a ceramic horse, and a bunch of weird junk. I can’t wait to see these ceilings get back in shape!


I love the curved panel in each corner.


This crazy old storefront will have to go and be built from scratch later this summer, but the floors and brick are in great shape.




Kyle “the brick master” is still going to bring out that pretty old brick! Sadly the second side of the building is really badly water damaged, and has a lot less original character to preserve but we’ll have to put some of our own character in!  Until next time-


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