The Red Rooster Gets a Face-lift!

I got a call a few months ago from John and Kendra Wright.  If you don’t know about them yet, they are the brave and energetic souls who bought the Red Rooster Hotel here in Hillsboro last year. John had recently retired from Apple (yes, that one). Kendra and he had toyed around with the idea of taking on a project downtown that would both help revitalize downtown and give them a cool project to work on.  After attempts to buy a smaller project (still a crazy one.. I ended up getting it a while later. check it out here.) They decided they might as well go for the biggest needed renovation in town, The Historic Red Rooster Inn.


So anyways, the call was for a reworking of the front entrance. The plan was to remove the first set of doors, exposing the beautiful brick arch and replacing the second set of double doors with an eight foot tall, four foot wide single door.


Here’s what we came up with, some giant trim and a double curved glass door with a steam bent header to echo the curved arch and curved windows on the exterior.

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 7.27.22 PM

Here’s how it went-


Ta da! Another fun step in the revitalization of Hillsboro’s downtown!

To follow the Red Roosters progress follow them on Facebook here or take a bunch of videotours with Rinoa Super-Genius here.


See you more this summer! Lots of crazy projects coming up!

-Small Town Cool


One thought on “The Red Rooster Gets a Face-lift!

  1. Love Small Town Cool blog to keep abreast of the great things happening in the ‘Boro. The new door at the Red Rooster is beautiful! Keep up the good work!


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