Opening Weekend at The Gold Pan Records & Recording in Hillsboro!

For friends, family, and Hillsboro natives near and far here are a few shots from our opening weekend at Hillsboro’s new record store (and soon recording studio!)

-photography by Matt Sands.


It was really rewarding to have people coming in asking for all kinds of different music, telling stories, drinking coffee, and enjoying themselves together.  Matt and I were pretty shredded tired from hauling, cleaning, organizing, and working towards the big move, but as soon as people showed up, adrenaline took us all the way to Saturday night on a wave of totally-pumped-out-of-our-mindness..


The couch is on loan from Black Rabbit Coffee Roasters’ Isaac and Bailey Reynolds and the neon signs are from local neon sign maker Jeff Dunn. I like this sign because it’s pretty easy to agree with…


That’s me in my “The Gold Pan” uniform…



Always good to have these punkers around!


Collecting heavy hitter Chris Funk checking out the fresh stock…


It’s pretty surreal to have this store open now, and we’re really thankful to everyone for coming out and supporting Matt, Devin, and I.

To keep up with The Gold Pan and see what’s coming in new each week or to sell us your record collection click here. or call 6152023837

To buy some sweet swag to help Devin fund the gear for the studio click here.


P.S.(long version!)-I especially wanted to thank Tony Marcolini for the custom sign (and beer tasting!), Jeff Dunn for the neon and the panels from his family’s office that I used to make the checkout counter and wall panel. Thanks to Josh Randle for the beastly prints, and to Isaac Reynolds for the crazy design for the record store sticker and sign. Thanks to Isaac and Bailey for serving up your coffee at the opening! Thanks to Devin for letting Matt and I hop onto his dream with The Gold Pan, The Journal News for the great writeup. Check it out here. Especially thanks to Kristen (mi amore) and Missy Sands for taking up the slack this week while we “do records”. You are both jewels.-


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