“Big Green” hits a renovation milestone!-and I get a little sappy…

Finishing something. Such a rare and good feeling! While I’m technically only 3/4 done with “Big Green” (our overwhelming, exciting, and marathon-long renovation project in the small town of Hillsboro, IL) it feels incredible to be done with one of the upstairs apartments this month.

I love pictures for what they give us on a project like this. They prove that all the hard work does eventually end and the thing you set out to accomplish does become a reality if you can make it through the trenches and daily grind of a dream being formed.

When I look at a photo of this project from way back when we bought the place in late Dec, 2017 it helps me see how far we’ve come.

This month marks the 3rd unit to get finished as well as unfathomable other things I never thought I would have to do like; cutting out the sidewalk to run a new water main, (2!) roof renovations, and who knows how many dumpster loads of debris, loads of cash and years of our life!

It feels so peaceful now, and we’re super proud to have some great people moved in this month and getting use out of a previously uninhabitable old downtown building.

One of the fun/tricky things was buying a lathe and learning to turn so I could replace five of the original spindles on the staircase.

One little detail I’d never seen were these little brass sweeping corners that we were able to strip and salvage.

One of my favorite things in this apartment ended up being because of a budget cut. We decided to keep the rough old flooring and not sand it but to coat it, leaving the markings from old walls and closets. I love being able to see the history there. Don’t worry, the floors have been sock tested by the kids and you can safely skate around. (a necessity if you have wood floors)

Resting on a family work day… The floors in the bedrooms are re-claimed flooring that John and Kendra Wright gave me while I was helping them over at their project renovating the Old Red Rooster Inn.

Doing some homework while daddy and mommy put the light fixtures up!

Kristen painting away!

More homework while waiting for the pineapple and salami pizza to arrive!

I’m so proud of how this place turned out! If you are new to this blog or to the area or are just finding us through the internet there is so much going on in this little town. So many of our friends have bought buildings or started projects of their own that it’s the new normal to spend your week nights tuck pointing or demoing with your friends over beer and pizza. It’s a good season and were thankful for it. Thanks for being a part!

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