New Ideas Use Old Buildings- a visit to Nokomis, IL

Dune on Pyramids


Hillsboro on the rise.-JAI Renee Pop up shop!

THE REFINERY OPENING- Hillsboro goes eclectic.

Shots from the art show!

Ugliness forgotten! – a local eyesore becomes an art hotspot (and gets a new history.)

The Young Eyes and Small Town Cool collide!

NEW SHOP! The Refinery-(a preview!)

Midnight milling at Tony Marcolini’s woodshop in the old industrial ice plant.

Hillsboro and the Underground music scene! – Highlights from the show at the woodshop.

Trash or treasure? The mind-boggling culture show that is midwest auction culture.

We have art and stuff..

The neo-farmhouse

Made in Hillsboro-Alien table by Chris Swed and Aaron Ruppert

50 year before and after! -the Tattered Threads renovation in Hillsboro

Kern Family Orchard! -short film

Jeff Dunn neon signs-

“Sweet” Renovation- A modern makeover of a cramped kitchen-B.Lee Carpentry

Back with a splash! The many faces of the Pickers Market. by -B.lee and J.Randle

Small town Psyche-filming The Young Eyes in the Old Mormino building

Makin stuff out of stuff.

A Historic before and after- restoring a piece of furniture from Hillsboro’s past

Digging for Historic Gold- The Historical Society Of Montgomery County

Shots of the Pop shop- JRandle Photo

Small town Star Wars fans build a big time x-wing fighter

Josh Randle- A birds eye view into the local Skateboard culture

A good, fall day- The Black stallion, Old man tools and Eminem..

Gianni’s Deli- A young entrepreneur opens the next page in his family’s history of passion for food

The Future is allways modern – Photos from the Greenville car show

Collecting geekiness- Record albums and talking about what you love – B.Lee

Collectors Frenzy- the Home of Mark & Niki Moranville – by B.Lee and Sarah

Thomack (W.S.M.I)

PARKS AND REC. -the garden of Jim and Christine May -by B.Lee

LOCAL GEMS- Simple and delicious- a burger and a beer at The Red Rooster- B.Lee

LOCAL GEMS -breakfast at 2 Marthas -Greenville IL

Culture Club- the exploding Litchfield Pickers Market -by B.Lee and R.Young

LOCAL GEMS- Kern Family Orchard and memory making factory- feature by Brianna Ruppert

A Day in The Life- following an uptown Hillsboro carpenter- Brian Lee

LOCAL GEMS- Lets get planting with FRY’s FARM- feature by Brianna Ruppert

Creativity, the Dollar and the Dime – a well thought out uptown Hillsboro apt. renovation

Heavy Metal College- Greenville College Religion dept industrial renovation

Local news!- Brian Lee carpentry profile by Pavel Slepicka

Dios está en los detalles – a walk through the Hillsboro Post office

Capturing the moment- photos by-Bailey Reynolds

Made in Hillsboro- Ceramic Sugar Bowl – Beth Gonzales

Made in Hillsboro! -Jeff Dunn, neon signs for moog fest.

Made in Hillsboro!- Pyramid scheme shelf by Isaac Reynolds

Made in Hillsboro!- Over the Hills by Brian Lee & and His Orchestra

Introducing our Blogette in crime, Brianna!

They Made Main Street Their Own

Welcome to Small Town Cool!- Lee house renovation